Hey there friends and judgmental internet strangers,

I used to have a website. I used to have a blog. And the main reason I shut it all down was because I felt so weird about it seeming like some kind of weird monument to myself. I'm probably just as narcissistic as the next guy that attempts to pursue something in the arts, but I just don't like being reminded of it.  (Notice how I claim to pursue "something in the arts" when you can argue that I make fart joke and pop culture references.) But the thing is, having a website and a blog is a very useful tool when you're trying to show important people that you are worth consideration. So, now we've established I'm a narcissist and worried about what other people think of me. And as that flawed person, I'd like to welcome you to this website and my blog. I hope you like it despite me. Also, please follow me on all social media so that my ego grows bigger and I can prove to important people that I'm just as important as them. You guys are the best. 

Did I Come Across Too Needy...I Promise I'm Secure In Myself...Just Not Too Secure,